Photovoltaic System Solutions

Over the years, Boonray Technology has accumulated technological skills and has formed innovative and reliable solutions for the photovoltaic industry. Be it early-stage design or post-installation operations like inspection and maintenance, Boonray Technology has integrated Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Image Recognition, IOT etc into our solutions to help our customers create more value and increase productivity.

Pain Points of the Industry



Standard Package

Pre-Survey package

  • Photovoltaic drone

    DJI Mavic Pro

    Great obstacle avoidance ability. Professional-grade aerial photography

    1. Hover precision: vertical:± 0.5m, horizontal:± 1.5m
    2. Maximum wind speed tolerance: 10m/s (grade 5)
    3. Maximum flight endurance: 30 min
    4. 1 inch 20Mega-Pixel CMOS sensor
  • Intelligent photovoltaics

    Boonray Flight

    Autonomous flight planning with a flight application for the iPad

    1. Intuitive interactive design
    2. Automatically takes photo at specified waypoints
    3. Data with high accuracy
    4. Highly efficient, intelligent
  • Smart PV Solutions

    Boonray Cloud

    Drone missions management platform

    1. Integrated Management System
    2. Geo-resources consolidation
    3. Realtime updates of flight path
    4. Data analysis and statistics
    5. Device binding

Post-Installation Inspection Package

  • UAV inspection

    DJI Matrice 200 V2

    Rich selection of accessories and payload to satisfy many industrial requirements

    1. Hovering precision: vertical±0.1m, horizontal±0.3m
    2. Maximum wind speed tolerance: 12m/s (Grade 6)
    3. Longest flight time: 30min/li>
    4. Protection grade: IP43
  • Power inspection

    DJI Zenmuse XT2 Camera

    Excellent image quality

    1. FLIR proprietary technology, reflects even the subtlest temperate difference
    2. Increases the quality of the images and contours
    3. Dynamically adjust the temperature contrast reflected for different scenarios
    4. Pushing the limits of dual-mode in different scenarios
    5. Automatic adjustments and automatic gain control (AGC) capabilities
  • Photovoltaic inspection

    Boonray Flight. Photovoltaic Profession Edition

    Carry out photovoltaic operations on an Android application

    1. Intuitive interactive design
    2. Pinpoint the location of defects on photovoltaic components
    3. Data with high accuracy
    4. Highly efficient, Intelligent
  • Intelligent photovoltaic

    Boonray Cloud · Photovoltaic Profession Edition

    Operational and maintenance management platform for photovoltaic modules

    1. A single Integrated system to manage everything
    2. Geo-resource consolidation
    3. Realtime sending of flight path missions to drones
    4. Data analysis and statistics
    5. Device binding
    6. Filtering of images showing defects
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