23rd July 2019, the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Li Keqiang, visited Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island and encouraged everyone to "gather your energy, your intelligence, to innovate and serve the people".

Smart urban park

As a member of Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island Smart Park Project, Shanghai Boonray Intelligent Technology Private Limited (in short Boonray Technology) has built an application which is able to collect data, cloud compute, visualize data and manage the park ,using drone technologies, for Artificial Intelligence Island. The application was put on display on the big screen display within the exhibition, which was also visited by Premier Li himself.

Smart river

Boonray Technology's smart park management platform helps Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island in realizing all-weather parks and river inspection. Park employees will only have to click a single button indoors to activate drones and cameras of the park to carry out inspection of the park. During the inspection, if any suspicious personnel, vehicle, activity, emergencies or floating trash and waste disposal are detected, the system will immediately make a call to the police and inform all the relevant departments to carry out rectifying actions. All the collected data will also be analyzed with using Boonray Cloud before being visualized on the display screen to assist managers in making strategic decisions.

Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island is the first artificial intelligence pilot project in Shanghai, with the intention of being the benchmark for Shanghai AI parks. Boonray Technology will make use of this opportunity to make new breakthroughs and overcome difficulties in building a model application in the field of AI parks.