On 26th June 2019, the leader of Changshu City Engineering Quality Inspection Center visited Shanghai Boonray Technology and signed an official strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will work closely in the area of inspection technology of insulation of exterior walls of buildings. In the future, with the industrial knowledge and expertise provided by Changshu City Engineering Quality Inspection Center and Boonray Technology's development in artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing, big data and drone applications, both parts will work together to bring new innovation and development to building inspection technology. The director of Changshu City Engineering Quality Inspection Center, Ge Zheng, vice-director Zhang Yiping, section chief Yin Jian and Boonray Technology's CTO Yang Yang attended the signing ceremony together.

Construction drone

Changshu City Engineering Quality Inspection Center is the most renown "Country's experimental lab", at the same time, it is also recommended by Jiangsu Provincial Construction Department as the organization for carrying out quality inspection of major and important governmental projects and investments. For many years, they have assumed the responsibility of guaranteeing the quality of Changshu City governmental engineering investments and projects through inspections. The director, Ge Zheng, stated that Boonray Technology has accumulated years of experience and expertise in the area of AI algorithms and drones applications for the infrastructure and building industry, through close collaboration, both companies will combine their best resources to produce products and solutions that can operate more intelligently and efficiently in carrying out inspection of building walls, pushing the development of new technology and bringing them to real-world applications.

Quality inspection drone

Boonray Technology Co-founder and CTO Yang Yang stated that, with the rapid development of AI, IOT and computer vision technology, the types missions that drones can carry out increases along as well. Boonray Technology is focused on developing in the direction of the construction industry as well, by working together with Changshu City Engineering Quality Inspection Center, rapid industrial upgrade can be achieved in this industry.