On June 25, 2019, Ali hosted the finals of the 2009 Future Science and Technology City-Intelligent City Construction Partnership Competition in the Dream Town of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City.

Smart photovoltaics

After several rounds of fierce competition, 10 science and technology companies, including Hangzhou Boonray Technology, emerged from 144 participating enterprises and became honorary partners of the future science and technology city and Aliyun IOT city Internet of Things platform, and received a residence subsidy of 8 million yuan worth of future science city.

Photovoltaics drone

In this contest, Hangzhou Boonray Technology demonstrated the solution of urban integrated management based on UAV and AI. The solution covers the practical application results of urban river management, routine patrol of parks, violation investigation, handling emergencies, three-dimensional digitalisation of maps, buildings and so on.

Prior to this, Boonray Technology has participated in the construction of Yuhang Smart City, built a set of intelligent inspection system for illegal buildings in Yuhang City which has been put into use in Yuhang City. The system can identify and transmit information of illegal buildings in real time, so that the management of urban areas is more convenient and efficient.