On the morning of May 23, 2019, Weng Zuliang, Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Secretary of Pudong New Area Committee, conducted a field survey on Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island. Jacky Hu, CEO of Boonray Technology, reported the successful case of Boonray Technology in the deep integration of AI and Internet of Things to the district leaders in Microsoft Laboratory, which was approved by the secretary.

The application scenario of the exhibition is mainly oriented to the park, which integrates UAV, UAV hangar and a cloud platform through Internet of Things technology, so that UAV can patrol the park and surrounding rivers around the clock. At the same time, with an artificial intelligence system, any abnormal situations of the park and the surrounding river can be detected in real-time, allowing the relevant personnel to be immediately notified while generating a detailed a report at the same time.


Boonray Technology is committed to creating an intelligent world with science and technology. In the area of smart park, it has successfully helped Shanghai Xuhui, Hangzhou Yuhang, Henan Wuzhong and Zhangjiang AI Island to upgrade the intelligence of their operations. In the future, Boonray technology will further their works in this field to create a more complete application integration program.