Hong Xing Photovoltaic Station at Jiangxi , is a smart photovoltaic station built by State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC). It is a collaboration with Shanghai Boonray Intelligent Technology Company Private Limited (known as Boonray Technology), whereby Boonray Technology provides many technological features such as remote controlling of drones and automatic patrols and inspections. This has in turn realized new energy stations with the capability of remote centralized control, unmanned operations and regional maintenance.


Automatic inspection and maintenance

Boonray Technology uses automatic takeoff and landing technology, to realize true unmanned operations. Drones are remotely operated from the central command station. Maintenance and inspection missions can be issued and carried out at specific timings and locations. On one hand, it lowers the cost of labor, on the other, it increases the flexibility of inspection missions. With such a system in place, inspection is much more efficient when compared to the traditionally laborious and time consuming methods of inspection.


Strict protection mechanism

In the process of automatic inspection, protection mechanism is one of the most important component, highly emphasized by Boonray Technology. Under the premise of high efficiency, Boonray Technology has put in place many strict failure warnings and protection mechanisms throughout the entire drone operation process. This includes the drone hangar, drone, weather, different stages and status processing mechanism, all of which sends notification with detailed logs to the command center in real time. While the drones are carrying out their missions, users are able to access the drones information from the command center, these information includes flight tracks, paths, drone status and even video streams.


Boonray Technology is collaborating with mobile companies, to bring 5G communication technology into drone applications. This will bring out the true potential of the mobility and agility of drones, allowing live video stream drones to be much clearer and communications between equipment to be faster as well. 无人机直播更加清晰流畅,巡检过程中设备间通信更加迅速。

Image(11th Feb , Liuqi, Secretary of Jiangxi Province made a remote call to the workers at the photovoltaic station)

The station will begin its testing of the system on 30th January. The construction process was witnessed by many leaders, the end product of Boonray Technology eventually received the affirmations and praises of leaders.

Image(30th January, Xiazhong, Vice President of SPIC, was present at scene of remote controlled drone inspection)

Currently, Boonray Technology has successfully developed an application that uses image recognition to find defects in solar panels. This application combines artificial intelligence algorithms and infrared image data collected by drones, to quickly identify defects on solar panels. Together with visible light data and geographical positioning methods, a detailed report on solar panel defects can then be produced. The development of this product, has helped push unmanned operations in maintenance one step forward.