Zhangjiang Science City is the region at Shanghai that serves as a center for innovation and technology. On 6th November, President Xi, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the president of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the Zhangjiang Science City exhibition hall.

Shanghai Boonray Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd, as one of the leader in the drones’ application industrial, had been invited to be part of the exhibitor and encouraged by the president.

Xi emphasized the importance of technological innovation and pointed out the significances of high-tech enterprises to realize the great rejuvenation of China during the visit. “It is anxious to realize the rejuvenation of China. Hence, it is urgent to further enhance technological innovation. The work done by you is the most important and crucial part of our stage to achieve the Two Centenaries goal and the rejuvenation of China. We must grab the opportunity, create a better environment, optimize feature configuration and work hard to realize more major technological breakthroughs. The Central Committee supports you.”, he said.


Boonray Technology had exhibited the drone intelligent inspection system which has been equipped with Boonray M series drones and most drone models from DJI. It can identify large-scale equipment, plant areas, power stations, towers, high-rise buildings and other scenarios of fouling, rust and various anomalies. Moreover, it has the advantages of high flight fixed point accuracy, accurate identification, mass data batch processing, short time-consuming, low cost, no terrain limitation, and reduced risk.

The inspection system can set the flight route in advance and perform fixed-point shooting, which brings great convenience for inspection. The AI identification algorithm, which is developed by Boonray AI research team, can process the collected flight data and generate an inspection report, not just to make the inspection process simple and efficient, but also to catch the pain points in industries. It is providing great convenience to partners and achieve a win-win situation.

The drones’ inspection system is the supervision of inspection for the present and future. It is the power of AI for humankind development, represents the rapid development of scientific and technological innovation in China as well. The system confirms President Xi’s remark on the importance of scientific and technological innovation, which reflects the unwavering and steady attitude of Boonray Technology on scientific and technological innovation.