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Boonray Technology has taken the lead in introducing the concept of 'Air & Ground Systems'. By integrating technologies like drones, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, real-time joint operations comprising of a network of drones and mining trucks can be established to make mines operate more efficiently and effectively, and in an organized and safe manner.


Mine dispatch management

With speed and accuracy, Boonray Technology's Smart Mine system can automatically build precise maps of mining areas which reflect the latest geographical landscape of the mine and provide updated geo-resources to the autonomous mining trucks at all times. Through the combination of computer vision technology and sensor data processing, obstacle recognition, route planning alogorithms, etc, mining trucks are able to autonomously drive, avoid obstacles and carry out driving maneuvers such as reversing.

Also, through wireless communication technology, 3D modelling technology and Web GIS visualization technology, realistic and high resolution 3D maps of mining areas can be formed. On these 3D maps, the position, speed, battery level and status information of the mining trucks can be visualized as well. This establishes unified management and control of all the mining trucks, increasing the efficiency of the trucks and preventing congestion.

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