Mavic 2 Enterprise

Built to Empower, Destined to Serve

Mavic 2 Enterprise has brought drone capabilities and portability to a whole new level, allowing drones to become reliable assistants for your daily operations. Precision flight technology and customized software and hardware combination, has vastly expanded the visual dimensions and breadth, providing greater situational insights in areas of security, inspection, construction, etc.


Photovoltaic drone
Dynamic zoom / Dual photothermal imaging 31 minutes flight time Accessories 8km controlling range Omnidirectional Perception

Customizable and Versatile

Professional flight missions require customized accessories. Mavic 2 Enterprise supports a series of enterprise edition accessories which extends its job functionalities to satisfy different mission requirements.

Reliable Flight Platform

Harnessing the latest DJI technology. Made specially for professional applications. Mavic 2 Enterprise provides you with full data security and flight assurance.

Accurate and Comprehensive Information Logs

Mavic 2 Enterprise Edition can record multi-dimensional information that provides you with timely strategic support and comprehensive data.

Get to see more with powerful zoom features

Mavic 2 Enterprise's camera employs 3 axis gimbal technology and 12 MP 1/2.3” CMOS sensor. It supports 2 times optical zoom and 3 times digital zoom. It allows user to capture a clear zoomed-in image.

Port drone inspection
Construction drone inspection
Urban management drone
Urban park drone inspection
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