Boonray Flight

Boonray Flight is an IOS application which controls the flight path of a drone. The application is simple and intuitive; with just a few simple taps, you can plan complicated flight path missions at designated areas, carrying out automated aerial photography, surveying, mapping and data collection.

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Boonray Flight

Make flight simpler

UAV Flight Control

Setting of flight area

Many shape selections (polygon, rectangle, circle, line) are available, covering different types of photography scenarios, from orthophotography to 3D modelling. Flight planning becomes more accurate and convenient.

Intelligent Application of UAV

Cloud connectivity

With Boonray Flight integrated into the cloud, the flight routes can be uploaded to or downloaded from the cloud. It can then coordinate with other platforms, allowing such resources to be available to more than one equipment or device, which greatly enhances operability. With data being stored on the cloud, the processing, safety and and security of the data is well-taken care of.

UAV Route Planning

Account Control

Allocation of user privileges can be done based on designated projects, allowing project management to be clear and distinct. Task progress can be well-monitored and resources can be properly managed through account control.

Flight route continuation

Flight mission can be paused anytime, records will be saved such that the user can always resume the mission from where they left off. Settings can be personalized, with practicality in mind, to provide a pleasant flight experience.

Task list

Boonray Flight saves every single task. Key data of the tasks, such as status and time created, are clearly reflected to allow users to conveniently and quickly check each task.

UAV Route Planning

Base map settings

Using 2D maps synthesis functions, an aerial map of the target area be formed quickly and efficiently. Users only need to complete the aerial photography of a target area. Afterwhich, the user simply import the images into the software for processing to form the complete 2D map of the target area. At the same time, users can make edits and improvements to the final result, to create an even more realistic environment.

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