Boonray Cloud Data Processing Software

Boonray Cloud Data Processing Software is a cloud platform product made for a world of a wide variety of robot applications. It can provide customers with services such as 3D modelling, data collection and processing from different operations, data analysis to provide further data insights and coordinate the scheduling of operations between robots. An integrated management platform with the purpose of raising the efficiency of robot applications.

Boonray Cloud can be customized for the needs of enterprises from any industry, providing a one-stop service for services ranging from quantity collection and management to data analysis and processing, providing users with an efficient and convenient operation experience.

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Cloud Computing

Remote flight planning

With an intuitive interactive design, users can conveniently create flight plans on the cloud platform before sending them to the iPad. The platform also supports importing of KML and Basemap documents, raising the efficiency of engineering mappin. On the cloud platform, KML documents can be displayed with ease and mission areas are clearly marked, making engineering mapping an easy task with no compromise in accuracy. Importing basemaps can further optimize mapping areas. Simply upload JPEG or completed TIF format documents to the cloud, and these resources will stack with the map, bringing greater detail to the mission area. Concurrently, users can make corrections to the result and add details to the mapped area, creating an even more realistic environment.

Model building

Online 3D reconstruction using images and digitalizing the data collected. This provides future applications a base model to work on. Distributed Cloud Computing has made the visualization process fast while producing highly accurate 3D models. Users can make use of tools available on the platform to carry out distance, height, area and volume measurements.

Industrial applications

For each scenario, a specific industrial application is used for the digitalization of their respective industrial processes and the visualization of its data as well. A detailed and informative report can help managers make strategic, well-informed and quick decisions.

Data Center

From user accounts, privileges, role allocations, to device management and application configurations, Boonray Cloud provides a complete digitalization of all relevant data which can be managed on a single cloud platform.

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